Thank you very much for participating and for very interesting questions! :*

So here are my answers:

1) Do you collect anything weird or unusual?

From each new holiday I bring with me something that reminds me of the time spent there, it could be a small stone, a bracelet, a magnet, a small bottle with sea sand

2) What’s been your highest high and your lowest low point of your life?

The lowest is when my parents abandoned me and left me with grandma in my chilhood, and the highest — I hope it will be in the future 🙂

3) How’s the feeling to be a top model on Onlyfans? Is it too stressed to stay on the top list?

I’m not topmodel on Onlyfans, but sometimes I get upset when my subscribers leave 🙁 I try to do special promotions and discounts for them.

4) Anyone who inspires you?

My Grandma, very strong woman!

5) How get in porn?

You must really want this. I repeat, really want this. And then the doors of porn will open before you. It’s not easy way, but very very very interesting

6) What was the breakthrough moment in your porn career?

My first work for Kristen Bjorn. They believed in me, gave me a chance. I will never forget this.

7) Who’s your biggest porncrush?

This is a very long list. A lot of talented guys!

8) If you had one wish for free what would it be?

So that people forget how to make war

9) Who do you look up to in the industry?

I always look and listen on my producers and experienced actors I work with

10) Your absolute fav food?

Seafood, especially oysters!

11) Do you have anything still from your childhood that brings back a lot of memories?

No, unfortunately, I had a difficult childhood.

12) What’s your ideal scene?

The ideal scene will be if from the first minutes on the set is very comfortable and frindly.

13) Who is your fave author, actor, or director that you can always depend on for the need to escape daily worries?

I worked with professionals and great guys who always cared for me. These are all my directors and actors partners.

14) What do you imagine, testing a new guy every time?

I want to feel his body language

15) Can you imagine your «ideal boyfriend»?

He is a kind, funny, caring, handsome guy.

16) What made you shoot and share such videos on Twitter?

I love porn. I love to do it.

17) You immediately and without hesitation agreed to shoot in porn?

No, I have been preparing for this for a very long time. This is not a decision of one day, it is a decision of several years.

18) What heights would you like to achieve in this industry?

I often say to myself: «If you come here, you must become one of the best and give this world the best that you have»

19) What was the feeling when you have shooting scene with @MathieuFerhati?

His a very great guy,hot, sexy and gorgeous! I hope I can work with him in the future again.

20) Do you have a type of men?

I really like spanish guys 🙂

21) What age you had sex the first time?

I was 15 years old

22) What is that one thing which you would never be open to do in xxx?

I will not open it. 😉

23) Do you have any fetishes you want us to know about?

I love cum.. mmm

24) How do you differentiate yourself from others to make the world a happier, better place?

I do not know .. I just do good deeds, I don’t remember evil and I don’t know who my enemy is

25) What’s the answer to life the universe and everything?

Love rules the World. Just feel it.


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